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From past 22 years Zabih Int Transit and forwarding Ltd (ZIT) is a name of quality and trust in Afghanistan’s fuel supply market. Our operations were started with the first fuel tanker in 1995 from Hairatan to Kabul. In next three years by 1998, number of trucks reached to five and the company began to deliver fuels to commercial and industrial clients. Delivery service was expanded to other cities by 2001 and ZIT was one of the fastest growing fuel supply companies in inter-provincial deliveries.

In early years our reliable deliveries and competitive prices helped to gain number of big client organizations and contracts, Advance technology, professional trained staff and operational performance allowed us to take competitive edge over the local competitors and ZIT were recognized as quality products supplier in fuel market with core competency of advanced fuel management solutions.


ZIT is one of the few service providers in Afghanistan, which is known for its cutting-edge supply solutions for time sensitive supply requirements and orders. Our consistence high quality supply operations cover all regions of the country, which needs highly competitive and cutting edge technologically integrated logistics and fleet management system for customer satisfaction. In the severe weather conditions and challenging security situations our experience and capabilities are regarded. Our eye on details and expertise from order to delivery differentiate us from the competitors because we do not compromise to settle less than the best for our customers.

Our fleet management system controls fuel shortage/losses in deliveries, accidents & damages and quick transfers in almost all types of conditions.
We increase our bottom line by delivering excellent services and value additions to our customers all over the country. Our 24-hour operations in fuel supply chain management serve our customers to maximize their productivity.


- Bulk Fuel supply management
- Onsite Fuel and lube delivery
- Emergency Fuel Delivery
- Advances Fuel logistics solutions
- Fuel Storage Renting Services

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Phone: 0093 78 6285 631 | Email: info@zabihint-transit.com